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Today's Only Non-Profit IRB
Educating Tomorrow's Researchers

The Biomedical Research Institute of America is a non-profit independent Institutional Review Board dedicated to providing scholarships and programs for young students to further their interest and education in science and research. Biomed IRB is committed to superior human research subject protection by maintaining the highest ethical standards while providing prompt personal services in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

BioMedIRB is America's oldest, most established non-profit IRB. Our experienced committee provides the highest quality IRB services with unmatched customer support. Because our volunteer committee meets weekly, you get fast, responsive turnaround with all-inclusive competitive rates.

Built on a foundation of volunteerism and education, BioMedIRB parlays our success into your children's success. We help pave the path for tomorrow's researchers. Our next generation of innovators - just like you.  

  • All-inclusive competitive fees
  • Expert committee members
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Providing opportunities to promote science
P.O. Box 600870, San Diego, CA 92160
Phone: (619) 282-9997   Email: